Firewall Governance

Firewall Governance

Stratascale Enterprise Firewall Maturity Evaluation

Stratascale’s Enterprise Firewall Maturity Evaluation is designed to help you address firewall challenges so that you can confidently take on mergers and acquisitions or expand into new cloud services.

When it comes to firewall management, you need to avoid complexity and ensure that you’re meeting the requirements of your compliance frameworks. Mergers, acquisitions, and expansions all put pressure on your IT teams to provide centralized and unified firewall management. We know that you’re facing numerous challenges, including management and complexity of firewalls across multiple vendors and lack of visibility into firewall network design.

Additionally, global management of security policy, firmware updates, and administration, as well as centralized user directory management can pose additional concerns.

To overcome these, you need to carry out an in-depth assessment of your environment to develop a clear picture of the current state. This allows you to identify and prioritize risks and build a remediation plan that not only resolves current issues but positions your organization to accommodate digital expansion.

Our structured approach allows our experts to ensure that you can maintain innovative firewall technology, carry out global administration of a multi-vendor firewall environment, safeguard global configuration, and maintain a well-defined zero trust architecture.


We identify all vulnerable hosts by collecting data from your firewall operational environment, architectural diagrams, and raw artifacts.


To fully analyze your firewall maturity, we notify you of outdated or unsupported hardware and firmware and discover gaps between compliance frameworks and your next-generation firewall framework security policy.


Our team of experts provides an executive summary based on findings and recommend gap and risk remediation of enterprise-wide firewall architecture and compliance requirements.

We’re ready to help you gain the visibility you need into your firewall environments.

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