Controls Framework

Controls Framework

Stratascale Security Controls Framework Alignment

Our Security Controls Framework Alignment solution will provide actionable insight that can immediately reduce risk and ensure your outcomes meet industry standards and the security goals for your organization.

In modern enterprises, where complexity continues to increase as you accelerate digital transformation, there are two main drivers for adopting a comprehensive security controls framework: Compliance to an application of a standard control framework and how those security controls measure against industry best practices.

To satisfy these drivers, you need to select a relevant framework that can actively assess the technical and nontechnical controls you have in place. The goal is to identify opportunities to improve outcomes over time, demonstrate a commitment to enhancing your cybersecurity posture, and establish a pattern of due diligence to better meet compliance requirements.

Our structured approach is designed to adjust your current security program to your preferred industry control framework rather than attempt to reinvent the wheel.


We review security controls and compare them to the frameworks that best align with your industry sector, compliance requirements, and other organizational needs.


Our assessment practitioners use technical and nontechnical assessments and compare them to a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to evaluate coverage and identify relevant gaps.


We use the gap analysis results to identify control improvements that will produce the maximum value and return on investment for you.

Let our technology experts fine-tune your existing security controls to conform to industry standards and demonstrate compliance efforts.

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