Cloud Security

Cloud Security

The Stratascale Cloud Security Risk Assessment provides your team with actionable insight into your overall cloud security posture and common cloud misconfigurations.

As the adoption and use of cloud and multi-cloud environments continue to outpace analysts’ forecasts, new security risks, threats, and complexities are continuously introduced. You are challenged with maintaining a holistic overview of your security status and its resilience while determining an acceptable level of risk across workloads, users, and access.

Stratascale Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Moving workloads to the cloud can offer new efficiencies and operational savings; however, securing business-critical applications that are no longer on-premises presents its own challenges. We recommend a cloud security framework that can help you prevent, detect, and recover from security breaches and much more.

Our structured approach to assessing cloud security will help you understand if you meet organizational and regulatory cloud security requirements. We assist you with establishing operational processes, well-defined guidelines, and prioritized road maps to maximize the efficiency of your security tools and build a strong foundation for your cloud security program.


By carefully examining your cloud-based assets and workloads, we understand how to safeguard you from the full scope of potential risks.


Our comprehensive analysis of the internal and external components of your cloud-hosted infrastructure shows how your identity access management (IAM), virtual machine (VM), serverless, incident response (IR), zero trust (ZT), and disaster recovery (DR) strategies compare with the controls implemented by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), Cyber Security Advisors (CSA), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) controls.


We prepare executive and technical summaries that detail potential issues and provide guidance on the best methods to mitigate and resolve these concerns.

Industry Expertise

We are the only technology partner with industry expertise and vendor partner relationships at every stage of your journey. Our world-class technical and business researchers and advisors stay up to date on emerging technologies and the most relevant trends. We provide the foresight and innovation you need to make your cloud security strategy meet your current business goals and keep your entire cloud security ecosystem scalable in the future.

Technology Partner Portfolio

Cloud security isn’t only about aligning with a framework that fits your needs. We’ll also efficiently implement the right cloud-native or third-party security technologies. We have hundreds of product, licensing, and service implementation experts who can simplify your adoption of IT technologies. We work with an ever-growing portfolio of the most robust technologies available—from public cloud services to the software used to run your business.